Deborah Ward Consulting Human Resources CONSULTING

Deborah approached her role from a business perspective rather than simply a 'people perspective'.  All discussions were holistic and took into account impacts of decisions and actions on the entire system rather than just the person, group or issue at hand. It was not a theoretical discussion but rather rooted in the business impact and always resulted in a very pragmatic and actionable outcome. Deborah was able to do this because she truly listened to the business need and formulated the best outcome to the situation rather than relying on a canned approach."

                                                ​- Jeff Brodie, Chief Operating Officer


Deborah Ward Consulting human resources solutions provides business partnership to help small and mid-sized companies achieve big goals.  Our partnership can address any or all of the following areas: People, Culture, Business Model, and Organizational Model.

Whether it’s conducting a cultural assessment, providing executive/leadership coaching, understanding the capabilities of your human resources function, conducting harassment complaints or helping assess current talent or determining future talent needs, Deborah Ward Consulting can support your plans for growth.